How to run Remarketing ads on Google and Facebook (without melting your company credit card)...

From: Rob Drummond

Have you heard of remarketing, but aren't sure how it works?

Have you ever visited a website, and been haunted around the internet by a company you never intended to buy from?

Are you intimidated by the technical complexity of Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms?

Then learn what remarketing is, how it works, and how to use it without melting your company credit card. This free 7-day course, delivered by email, reveals:

  • What remarketing IS, and how it can benefit you
  • What to put in your remarketing ads - and why most people get this wrong
  • Whether to sell or educate in your remarketing ads
  • How to limit your remarketing spend, and avoid funding the Google Christmas party...
  • Where to run your remarketing ads (including core differences between Google and Facebook)
  • How to measure your remarketing profitability
  • Why remarketing can go wrong

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Rob Drummond - Course Author

About Rob

Rob Drummond is a copywriter, Google Ads consultant and marketing educator, based in Sheffield, England. Rob's work is about putting YOU in control of your paid ads strategy.

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What People Have Said...

Rob is amazing at explaining Adwords and making sense of it all, not to mention patient! What I love is there are no secrets or magical scientific stuff that he does and charges a fortune for.

It's all totally transparent and I believe he genuinely wants me to understand how to run Adwords myself, he is also great at bouncing ideas around with too.

Jo Hayday, Matters Property Services

The thing we've been impressed with the most is the processes Rob has set up, that we can then copy and adapt. We now have processes in place and the people working on our account don't necessarily have to be 'AdWords experts'.

What we've come away with is the skills to work on our own AdWords.

Nick Harley, Raygun

I first started working with Rob in 2012. Since then he has helped guide my business through the various ongoing challenges of dealing with Google Adwords. Knowing where to start wasn’t easy but with Robs help, I now have account structured correctly, with tailored landing pages and call tracking all in place. He has been a great help, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.

Tim Murden, TM Solicitors

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