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Rob & Family – Taken at the old Eastham Ferry terminal near where I grew up on The Wirral

From the desk of Rob Drummond

With the exception of a Sunday job at a garden centre I’ve worked in marketing my entire professional life. Since 2004 I’ve studied the writing of people such as Perry Marshall, Dan Kennedy, Ken McCarthy. Not to mention much older pioneers such as Howard Gossage, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, Robert Collier and others.

By mid 2012 I had read too much and had the uncontrollable urge to go it alone. How hard could it be, right?

My first venture into self employment was selling SMS marketing to local businesses. In hindsight a great idea, which nobody wanted. One day I walked into a hair salon near London and by chance spoke to the business owner, who thought I’d asked him about taxes. “No, text messaging,” I told him. “Like on your phone.”

“I don’t think I need that,” he told me, “but can you get me ranked on Google?” I tried not to look desperate for the work and said I ‘probably could’.

The deal with the hair salon led me down the path to become a Google Ads consultant. Between 2012 and 2014 I built a successful small AdWords agency. The big problem most of my AdWords clients had was follow-up. Usually the problem was following up with people who weren’t yet ready to buy. 

I noticed that two of my sharpest clients were using the CRM system Infusionsoft to automate their follow-up efforts. I had Infusionsoft pegged in the ‘I’ll look at that one day’ category. Then one day I stumbled upon a presentation by marketing automation expert Jermaine Griggs. Jermaine revealed how he used Infusionsoft to automate his business and infuse the direct marketing principle of ‘RFM’ (Recency, Frequency and Money) throughout his follow-up communications. All his follow-up communications were targeted at the people most likely to buy based on their RFM score. Once I’d picked my jaw up off the floor I immediately signed up for both Infusionsoft and the Certified Partner training.

Over the years I’ve done just about every job you can imagine in Infusionsoft, and in digital marketing generally. I’ve mapped out the customer journey for clients. I’ve built follow-up sequences spanning email, direct mail, SMS text messaging, digital retargeting ads. I’ve managed Google Ads, and dabbled competently with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads. I’ve built websites and landing pages. 

My core interest is business storytelling. I’ve realised that whatever channels you use you have to tell engaging stories to build trust with potential customers. At the same time you can’t separate storytelling from the mechanics of ads management and marketing automation systems. They go hand in hand. You need both the technology and the message.

Perry Marshall is one of my business mentors. Perry had been talking about what he calls ‘The Maze’ for a few years. The idea behind The Maze is that people who engage with your emails receive more emails from you. People who never open or click eventually drop off your database. The Maze is a structured way to apply RFM to your email marketing efforts.

Around 2017 Perry started talking about ‘Maze 2.0’: expanding the maze to include digital remarketing ads across Google Display, social media and YouTube. I immediately realised this added a huge extra dimension of possibilities. I also knew I couldn’t do it all by myself.

I’ve known Jonathan for about five years. At the end of 2018 I attended one of Perry’s workshops in Chicago. “You know,” Perry said, “if you guys need your conversion tracking fixing, you really ought to contact Jonathan Wilson…”

“Man, I need to catch up with Jonathan!” I thought to myself. And that’s what we did. At the end of 2018 we started the Maze Marketing Podcast; a podcast dedicated to sophisticated multi-channel marketing follow-up. The podcast started as a way to document our own insights and has since become a way to share knowledge from other experts. As I say in our Maze Remarketing book, building the maze is a team game! We’re into collaboration much more than competition.

Today, Maze Mastery is our training company that has spun off from the podcast. We teach people how to follow-up with customers across multiple channels without blowing your budget (or melt your credit card, or spend your kids’ college fund).

Jonathan leads our paid advertising courses and I focus on ad creation and storytelling. My role is also to tie everything together in a cohesive way, put everything in layman’s terms and make it all actionable for regular people. I’m your guide through the mayhem of marketing follow-up.

Multi-channel marketing follow-up can be complex, but it can exceptionally lucrative. Most businesses do not follow up well with the people that don’t convert. That’s what you’ll learn here. This is a place for hands-on business owners and front-line digital marketers to sharpen their follow-up skills.

I’ve told you a slice of my story on these pages. If you’re ready to carry on reading I share more in our Maze Remarketing book. I’m glad you’re here. Let’s continue the conversation.