November 8, 2018

Facebook live: the verdict

Since the start of October I’ve been running a daily-ish Facebook Live video from my True Story Selling Facebook page.

The logic behind this is fairly simple. Each week day I send a daily email. I wanted to see if I can better engage my Facebook audience by creating a live video each day talking about today’s daily email.

Most of my videos are 5-10 minutes long. I’ve already written and sent the email, so talking about it for an additional 10 minutes isn’t much of a hardship. It’s not like, you know, I’m short of opinions or anything.

I have a gut feeling that this is the way Facebook is meant to be used. It fits my mental model of how marketing is supposed to work. Essentially this is a way for me to provide more value up front, before somebody has opted into my list. Facebook Live caters well to low quality production. Which is just as well, as I’m not capable of anything else.

I think Facebook Live is about proliferation, not perfection. It’s really weird talking to a lense, but the more you do it the more normal it becomes.

Some other learnings:

The first time I did a Facebook Live, I made all sorts of mistakes. I tried to cover three things, instead of one. Consequently, the video was 30 minutes, not 5. Who has time for that when they’re scrolling past? Just cover one thing or idea.

I also opened my first ever Facebook Live video by introducing myself, commenting about the weather, and waiting for people to show up.

This was a very stupid thing to do.

Most people do not watch these videos live in real time. The first thing you say has to pull people into your video, like the first line of an email would.

I’ve found that gimmicks and props help to pull people into the email too. I’ve worn hats. I’ve had a conversation with one of Hugo’s toys. These gimmicks do work – you can’t bore people into watching.

I’ve found that if I don’t boost a Facebook Live, Facebook only push it to 5-10% of my total audience. If I boost by £10-£15, this rises to 25% or 30%. Boost any video you’re happy with.

I’d suggest you don’t worry about selling from your Facebook Live videos. The main outcome is you can build an audience of people who watched a certain amount (10 seconds, 25% etc) of ANY of your FB Lives in the last X number of days.

This is KEY Key Key. You should have a little bell running in your head, going DING DING DING. Because you can now run remarketing ads on Facebook to only people who have engaged with you recently.

My opt-in cost to this group is typically £1 per lead, compared to £10 per lead for cold traffic. I also find that cold traffic often doesn’t stick around and stay subscribed.

You can see all of the Facebook Live videos I’ve done since the start of October here. Just note that you’ll start to see remarketing ads if you watch more than 25% of any video ;-)…

Oh please like the page while you’re there, if you haven’t done so already. People who like my page get to see four ads a day from me, instead of two 🙂 :-).

And why not, if the ads are valuable?

Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond runs the Maze Marketing Podcast and Maze Mastery. Rob specialises in content production, ad creation, storytelling and CRM systems. He has two published books, Magnetic Expertise and Simple Story Selling, affordable on Amazon.