April 9, 2017

Ciao! From Florence (Observations, Part 4)

More ‘observations’ from Florence today. (Catch up on ‘observations’ part 1, part 2 and part 3).

19. No matter how nice the restaurant is you’re in, you have to be prepared for the toilet being a seatless, paperless, wonder. ‘Be prepared’, as the Scouts say.

20. An Italian doesn’t walk to the bar; he struts to the bar. Normally in a straight line, walking into people and furniture along the way.

21. The Italian Facebook like looks like this:

Italian Facebook Like

22. All simple systems must be made complicated. Take buses for example. Can you pay the driver when you get on a bus? Err, no. Of course you can’t. You have to buy your ticket before you get on, from random shops and bars.

23. “Running the kids to school” means strapping one to the back seat of your push bike, one to the handlebars, and embarking on a daily ride of peril. Don’t forget to stop and do this if you see anyone you know:

Italian Facebook Like

24. Apparently this constitutes successful parking:

Florence parking 1

(Yep, that’s parked, not stopped)

And this:

Florence parking 2

25. According to Italian history, Christopher Columbus was Italian, and did ‘discover’ America. Anyone who lived in the Americas before that was purely incidental, and probably an alien.

Rob Drummond

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