July 27, 2018

Do good customers really want magical solutions?

I’ve noticed recently that some of the core beliefs I hold about marketing are shared by my clients.

I’m interested to know which resonate most with you.

In no particular order:

1. Not everyone is after unrealistically fast results (thank God)

I’ve been told in the past that people don’t want to work, and are only interested in fast solutions that magically deposit money in the bank. This type of thinking has led to the oversimplification of everything into magical 5-step systems.

While there is some truth to this, it isn’t my experience on the whole.

An important subset of people are willing and ready to work IF they believe the long term payoff will be there.

Usually these are people who have been struggling for a while. They’ve tried and failed with different ‘5-step systems’. They can see other people getting good results, but can’t make anything work.

This is true in copywriting. It’s true in diet programmes. It’s true in a wide range of personal development topics. I’d like to know if it’s true in your world too.

2. Words matter more than media

I remember Dan Kennedy once saying that branding yourself as an ‘online marketer’ is as fundamentally dumb as calling yourself a ‘signs marketer’, because you hang a sign on the front of your business.

You believe in getting the message right rather than focusing on the intricacies of a particular media.

3. You prefer proven principles to temporary hacks

I teach storytelling as a technique because stories are as old as human existence, and will be around for the rest of human existence. They’re also a quick win, because most companies tell shoddy stories if they tell them at all.

I don’t teach people how to put emojis in subject lines, despite the fact that all of Facebook seems to want to know how. 🙁 🙁

4. You believe in sensible marketing automation

Permission marketing and data quality is important to you. Tagging and list segmentation is well on your radar. You see the value of sending different messages to different people. You’d rather have a smaller database of engaged customers than a huge list of unengaged people.

5. You’re playing a long-term game

Your goal when you sell to a customer is to take them off the market, so in the context of what you do they only ever go to you when they need help.

6. You’re ready to work

You’re looking for fast wins and positive ROI. But you’re also ready to invest time to develop your skills. You’re tired of being held to random by marketing specialists. You know that developing true competence takes time and work.

Do you agree / have any others to add?

Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond runs the Maze Marketing Podcast and Maze Mastery. Rob specialises in content production, ad creation, storytelling and CRM systems. He has two published books, Magnetic Expertise and Simple Story Selling, affordable on Amazon.