November 15, 2016

Missing stage = Engage

When I first did my Infusionsoft certification, the Infusionsoft team spent a lot of time talking about a model they call attract, sell, wow.


The model is meant to illustrate that most businesses focus almost exclusively on attracting prospects and selling products. There’s a whole stage after that – the wow stage – where you’re supposed to deliver an experience, ask for referrals and upsell further products.

I was chronically bored of this at the time. In my head I was like “yawwwwn. I already know that, Infusionsoft.”

Over time I have slowly realised that infographics like this are important if you want to simplify and communicate a complex concept. Most people reading this hopefully understand the importance of long-term customer relationships and back-end sales. Most business owners, it seems, do not.

I spent yesterday at an Infusionsoft partner meeting, and noticed the attract, sell, wow model had been altered.


Suddenly, there’s an extra stage. Attract, engage, sell, wow.

‘Engage’ accommodates for the fact that not everyone who opts-in is ready to buy right away. I’ve been talking about the engage stage for two years, and it seems Infusionsoft are now finally catching up. 🙂

The bottlenecks in your business can usually be mapped on the attract, engage, sell, wow spectrum. Either you’re not finding enough potential customers to begin with, or potential customers are getting stuck along the way.

Commonly, a lot of them will get stuck in ‘engage’.

Building out your long-term follow-up systems isn’t a ‘nice to have’. It’s an essential business system.

For me, effective ‘engagement’ is about telling your story. Yes, the people in your database need information about your products and services. But they also need to understand you. They need to hear how you have been in their shoes, and understand the problems they face. They need to hear how you truly understand their situation, perhaps better than they understand it themselves.

Most businesses do a terrible job of engagement because they don’t know how to tell their story. If you would like to learn how to use storytelling to make your follow-up emails more engaging, enter your first name and email address below.

Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond runs the Maze Marketing Podcast and Maze Mastery. Rob specialises in content production, ad creation, storytelling and CRM systems. He has two published books, Magnetic Expertise and Simple Story Selling, affordable on Amazon.