August 9, 2018

My biggest business regret…

I have a few regrets in business. My biggest surrounds my membership programme.

Let me talk you through my tale of woe.

I first started a membership programme back in 2014, called ‘Tennerr’. Sort of a play on Fiverr, except it cost £10 per month. I know what you’re thinking… a stroke of naming genius. The membership included a monthly webinar on a specific topic.

After two months I had just a handful of members, so I gave up and cancelled people’s subscriptions. “I’m not running a webinar for five people,” I grumbled to myself.

Which looking back, was stupid and short-sighted. I should have stuck at it.

Fast-forward to December 2015: I had just got back from Sean D’Souza’s storytelling workshop. Within 30 seconds of arriving at the workshop venue, Sean asked me whether I considered myself an introvert.

Bloody hell. Is it that obvious?’ was my mental response.

I got back fully resolved to re-start my membership site, which relaunched on Christmas Eve as Introvert’s Corner. Let me tell you, launching anything that close to a public holiday is a terrible idea. Another stroke of ‘genius’ on my part.

Membership to Introvert’s Corner was now £20 per month, and included a monthly webinar and print newsletter. Later on I renamed Introvert’s Corner to The Marketing Clarity Letter – a name I still quite like. Progress was slow, but I built up a small subscriber base.

Until May last year… when I wound the thing down and cancelled everyone’s membership again. (I’m a genius, remember?).

I had good reasons at the time, but I was wrong. I should have stuck at it.

Fast forward to January this year. I had just run my first Big Story Workshop. There’s something about live events and business-changing resolutions, and one of mine was I needed to get my head back in gear and re-start the membership group. So Story Selling Insider was launched, this time at £36 per month. Similar arrangement: print newsletter and monthly video bonus.

Which pretty much brings us up to date.

So where is Story Selling Insider going next?

Something I don’t advertise very much is that Story Selling Insider is like having an inexpensive retainer arrangement with me. If you want me to look over something you’re working on… whether that’s an email, Facebook ad, AdWords campaign or otherwise, you can request that as a subscriber. There’s a critique request form in the member’s area.

If you want to know whether or not a particular list building strategy is a good idea, you can ask me as a member. I might make poor business decisions from time to time, but I’m good at spotting other people’s bad ideas.

Members also get first notice on events, and better rates on training. Plus if you complete my Nurture Email Mastery course, you also get the option to join my weekly Writer’s Circle calls (more on this here). All for the same price.

From 1st September, the price of Story Selling Insider is going up, to £75 per month or $97 USD. Which in the scheme of things is still great value. You only need to submit one critique request a month to get your money’s worth.

Before 1st September you can still lock in at the current rate: £36/month or £300/year. (Currently no USD option, but it equates to around $50/mo or $500/year).

Which per month is about the price of six clicks on Google. And not many more on Facebook.

This month’s newsletter is all about Facebook ads. I’ll talk you through my own Facebook ad experiments, and show you how NOT to waste a ton of money. We have a member’s only webinar too, on Thursday 23rd August.

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while and like the long-term approach to marketing I teach, Story Selling Insider is the next step.

You can read more, and lock in at the lower rate here.

Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond runs the Maze Marketing Podcast and Maze Mastery. Rob specialises in content production, ad creation, storytelling and CRM systems. He has two published books, Magnetic Expertise and Simple Story Selling, affordable on Amazon.