April 19, 2017

Ciao! From Florence (Observations, Part 5)

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26. According to an Italian, this is what breakfast is supposed to look like.

Italian Breakfast

27. According to an Italian, this is an appropriately-sized Easter egg.

Easter egg

(See a trend happening here?)

28. An Italian on foot will make no progress. Walking speed is approximately 0.33MPH, and progress is slowed by walking into people all the time. Besides, whenever you see someone you know, you both have to stop so you can go:

Italian Facebook Like

An Italian on a scooter will make too much progress, at the expense of his own and everyone else’s safety. Under no circumstances are mirrors to be checked before changing direction. Indicators, if used, must not be cancelled.

29. Like in Latin America, where everything happens ‘mañana’, everything here happens ‘domani’ (tomorrow). When we gonna pay? Domani. When we gonna go to work? Domani. It’s basically a filtering mechanism to find out whether something really matters.

Rob Drummond

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