April 26, 2016

The Rebirth Plot (hallelujah!)

A few years ago a friend had a job working as a nutritionist for Jamie Oliver. I vaguely remember her leaving her job to start her own company

I thought little else of it until recently we connected on Instagram. This is now what she does:

We’re looking today at the rebirth plot. The rebirth plot is where a major event in the story forces the main character to change their ways, often becoming a better person. Good examples or rebirth stories are Beauty and the Beast, Despicable Me, A Christmas Carol.

In some stories, fictional or otherwise, there is an actual rebirth. Jesus and Sleeping Beauty come to mind.

Rebirth is very much a before and after plot, which lends itself in some way to business use. When you use the rebirth plot in your marketing you may be talking about the rebirth of your business, but more often it will be a major discovery of purpose and the events that led to that discovery.

The important elements in Mary’s story above all relate to the discovery of her purpose. When she talks about how farmers are treated, how sweeteners and preservatives are usually used that is when the story comes to life as a rebirth example.

The best rebirth stories come from a discovery of purpose rather than a change in job. I think to come up with a rebirth story for business use you have to have undergone a dramatic change in purpose at some point in your career.

The good news is that if you can think of an example of when you might have undergone a radical change in direction it might very well make a good rebirth story.

Rebirth is not a plot you are going to use very often. You might have one or two rebirth stories you place at the crux of the narrative that surrounds your company.

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