January 23, 2019

What aren’t you writing about

Linzi attended a ‘speed awareness’ course on Monday. Which is something the police can offer you when they catch you speeding, if you’re a first or infrequent offender.

For a number of weeks I’ve been referring to it as ‘detention’, and calling her Linzi ‘Schumacher’ Drummond.

Despite my jokes, she came away with some interesting insights. For example did you know:

  • For the police to put up a fixed speed camera, there have to be at least three casualties or major incidents in that spot. They don’t just put up cameras in the most lucrative locations.
  • If a spot has had one or two major incidents and a camera has been demanded by residents, the police will sometimes send a mobile camera in a van. But again, this is always in response to an incident.
  • The variable speed limits on newer ‘smart’ motorways are determined by pressure sensors under the carriageway, which feeds data into a mathematical model. (I always assumed traffic was monitored by cameras overhead, but it isn’t.) If the model works correctly you won’t actually see a congestion incident.
  • If you’re doing 31mph instead of 30mph, you’ll still be travelling at 8mph at the point you would have stopped.

Why relay all this?

There are always interesting insights about what you do that you aren’t talking about. Common misconceptions people have that you haven’t addressed.

What things do you know that a potential customer likely won’t have thought about?

That could be your next email.

Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond runs the Maze Marketing Podcast and Maze Mastery. Rob specialises in content production, ad creation, storytelling and CRM systems. He has two published books, Magnetic Expertise and Simple Story Selling, affordable on Amazon.