We have two books available. Maze Remarketing focuses on the mechanics of digital remarketing across paid ad networks. Simple Story Selling reveals how to build trust with potential customers by telling your true story.

Maze Remarketing

Maze Remarketing

  • Build an effective remarketing strategy across all the main ad networks (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Sequence your ads over time to educate potential customers
  • Track conversions across multiple platforms
  • Organise your maze to attract more customers at lower cost
  • Learn how to create effective ads and avoid ad fatigue

Simple Story Selling

Simple Story Selling

  • Discover why stories are the most effective way to build trust with potential customers
  • Learn how to tell personal stories without appearing self indulgent
  • Beat the blank screen for good. Never get stuck writing an email
  • Learn how to connect seamlessly from story to sales message
  • Learn how to infuse stories throughout your marketing

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Luke Testimonial

"For any business owner who wants to understand how remarketing can be used today to make money. For each dollar in, you can systematically suck out a few, if you understand the principles here. Applies to B2B sales too, not just consumers and e-commerce. Highly recommended!"

susan testimonial

"Rob Drummond takes the mystery out of how to tell the story of your product or service. He shows us how to connect with people around their needs not just recite the merits of our goods and services. And that is the beginning of success and growth. Rob's gift is making that kind of outstanding marketing available to non-professionals, ordinary business owners. You will be able to write excellent ads and emails after reading Rob's book."