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January 28, 2019

Announcing: New edition of Simple Story Selling

We were talking on Friday about the benefits of publishing a book fast, and updating it as you go…

I’ve just finished a major update to my copywriting book Simple Story Selling. Since I first published the book two years ago, certain things have become apparent to me.

The first version of the book looked to apply what I call the ‘plot archetype’ structure to an individual email. You can still do that, but I’ve since found these ideas are more effective over a full email series.

I’ve also developed a better methodology on how many emails to include in a welcome series (one sent immediately after a contact opts in), and how to use open loop ‘soap opera’ sequences.

The revised book also discusses Facebook ads, and contains a template to create effective story-based ads. I talk about when to include a personal story, and explore key differences between email and Facebook.

There’s also a section on Google ads, and a section on how to tell stories when writing or publishing a book.

This is definitely a book to keep near your desk, I would argue.

Simple Story Selling normally costs $8 on Kindle, or $10 paperback. For the rest of January you can grab a Kindle copy for $2.99, or a paperback copy for $5.12. Plus it’s Amazon Prime eligible. Paperback copies are available from:

Or search any Amazon property for a Kindle copy (available worldwide).

Prices go back to normal on Friday 1st Feb.

If you have a list or audience of some sort, please do spread the word. I’m happy to help if you need copy writing.

January 25, 2019

Why self-publish a book

I’ve been busy in the last few months updating my two main books, Magnetic Expertise and Simple Story Selling.

Simple Story Selling now includes additional sections on email sequence structure, Facebook ads and Google ads. It’ll be live on Amazon hopefully later today, and I’ll be offering a discount next week.

*Just saying – keep an eye out*…

All of this would never have been possible if I didn’t own the rights to the manuscript, like in a traditional publisher arrangement. That’s fine if you’re going after national media coverage. It’s not fine if you’re publishing a book to generate leads for your business.

If you try to publish the ‘perfect’ book, you’ll never publish anything. Ever. Writing a book is a moving target, where the target moves away the closer you get to it. Even just updating two books has taken me four months.

A book that only exists in your head, or on post-it notes, or in a Word file, is a liability not an asset. It’s better to publish something imperfect, and iterate. Amazon will let you update the manuscript, or produce the perfect cover later on.

And thank God for that, because my first book covers were crap.

I’m still looking for a client or two to work through this with. Read more here.

January 8, 2019

Key marketing challenges in 2019

We’re contending with a few key marketing challenges as we head into 2019…

  1. Unless people actively search Google for your products and services (preferably by brand name), it is getting expensive to generate cold leads.
  2. Big online media platforms such as Facebook have become a bloodbath in the fight for attention.
  3. Most people on Facebook would rather you went away, even if they desperately need your help.

Your marketing has to deliver tremendous value, and be entertaining. It should be a service to your audience, not an annoyance.

As I see it, the bottom line is this…

If you sell based on expertise and you don’t yet have a book, you’re probably paying too much for your leads.

A book that solves a specific problem for a specific audience makes all other channels more effective.

Walking into a business networking meeting with a book is completely different to walking in without one. Running Facebook ads to promote a book (especially a non-marketing book) is a game changer.

There are two ways to go about this. You can tag a book into your existing marketing strategy, perhaps fashioning it out of existing content. Or you can make the book your core marketing strategy, using other channels to push people towards the book.

Anecdotally I can tell you that all of my serious project conversations come from people who have read one of my books. Really it’s a litmus test. People who don’t have time to read a book tend to be a pain to work with. Plus I have to waste time on calls explaining stuff I’ve already written about.

To talk to me about writing a book in 2019, read the information here.

I’m looking for a maximum of two projects in January. Because this is a new service, there is a discount for fast movers.

January 7, 2019

Grumpy Marketer 2018 – now on Amazon

I had grand writing plans for the Christmas period. I was going to update my Simple Story Selling book, and get ahead with production of these emails.

Then the world imploded. My grandmother got sick. Then Christmas happened, with the distraction of having a ten-month-old.

My situation isn’t unique – we’re all pressed for time. We tend to over-estimate what is possible over the Christmas break, and under-estimate what is possible over a year, with careful application.

Just before Christmas I published all of my emails in a single collection. That collection now exists on Amazon as a paperback book, Grumpy Marketer 2018; The 2018 Magnetic Expertise Email Collection. (Amazon US / UK / Canada, or search your local Amazon)

Grumpy Marketer 2018

Admittedly the cover is a DIY botch job, done in a hurry. But you know what? It’s good enough. At least for now.

Clarity, speed and perfectionism will be the biggest marketing challenges in 2019. A book that only exists in your head can’t possibly do you any good.

I’m also working in the background on the 2016 and 2017 editions. It’s been fascinating to go back through everything I’ve sent in that time.

I’ve noticed changes looking back. My 2016 emails were more eclectic – you can tell I had more time on my hands to watch documentaries. They were also less direct, and often lacked direction. Some of the phrasing I wouldn’t use any more; there’s a definite change in voice.

There’s also plenty of value in them, and they’re still well worth collating. Ultimately they’re a part of my body of work.

If you do something every day, you’ll improve at it. That thing could be an email. It could be a simple journal entry. It could be a Facebook post. It could be a video. There is no shortcut around the baby steps – you have to suck in the beginning. Most people give up too quickly.

What will you do this year? A weekly email? A biweekly email? A daily email? A monthly print newsletter? A daily Facebook Live? A regular YouTube video?

Where do your audience hang out?

Can you repurpose your efforts into a different format?

It turns out that an email every weekday can turn into a 64,580 word book.

Imagine walking into your next sales meeting holding that…


P.S. I’m looking for two additional book clients this month. Read the information here.

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