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December 13, 2018

Publish a book on Amazon in 2019

There’s a perception that publishing a book is a long, expensive process. Quite frankly, it doesn’t have to be.

I now publish all my books using Amazon’s print on demand service. Today, I want to give you a look behind the curtain at how it works…

The best way to increase your lead volume is to invest more in your lead magnets. One way is to convert a lead magnet into a higher value format, like a book. PDF’s generally aren’t valued or read.

After all, if you’re really an expert at your thing, then why wouldn’t you have a book?

I’m helping a few clients with this at the moment, ranging from book planning advice to full on interviews and ghost writing. The idea is then to repurpose sections of the book as emails, remarketing ads and other content.

If you’d like me to help write and publish your next book, email me for details. Currently this is a beta service, and I’m only taking on a small number of projects.

October 9, 2018

Segment your list the smart way

We were talking yesterday about the most unsellable, unsexy marketing secret there is: listening. I suggested that you interview people at key points in your funnel, for example after they opt-in or buy.

Something else occurred to me talking about this afterwards on Facebook Live.

When you do these calls, it’s best to ask the same questions every time. It’s then helpful to collate the answers to individual questions.

As you look through the answers, the significant differences hint at ways you might segment contacts in your database.

The similarities across answers are usually things you should write about in your ads, emails and other marketing.

I think this is worth a watch if you missed it:

Rob Livestream

The questions I normally ask are:

  1. What were the circumstances that led you to opt-in / buy
  2. What one thing might have stopped you?
  3. Were you concerned about anything else?
  4. What has the experience been like since?
  5. What has the result been?

You might need to tweak those slightly for your own needs, but what you get is a detailed before and after account that is highly useful.

As a reminder, I’m doing a Facebook Live every week day in October to expand on each of these emails.

To get notifications make sure you’ve liked the True Story Selling Facebook page, and switch the notifications from ‘Default’ to ‘See First’ (under the ‘Following’ dropdown).

September 28, 2018

Why is lead gen SO expensive?

Most paid ads benefit the advertising platform more than the advertiser. At least, that’s the way things are going.

Click prices are going up. Getting people to opt in with a real working email address is like squeezing blood from a rock. Getting them to stick around and buy things is even harder. A 20% email open rate is now considered ‘good’.

If you sell by communicating your expertise, I think we need to reassess what we’re doing.

One aspect of that is telling your core selling story, which we’ve explored this month. Another aspect is moving beyond the marketing funnel analogy.

I ran a webinar about this back in March, and as time passes the content only gets more relevant. Even if you watched it first time round, this is well worth another look.

I published a 6-part video series back in March, outlining the steps to take in building a basic Maze 2.0 system. In the videos I walk through the steps in configuring your Youtube, AdWords and Facebook audiences, and assigning relevant ads.

(You know, the practical stuff that takes all week to fumble though by yourself.)

If you’re a Story Selling Insider member, or join before Sunday, I’ll add this series into your member’s area. Just forward me your receipt or send me a quick email.

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July 25, 2018

Do you sell in multiple currencies?

**Today’s video will be most relevant for Infusionsoft users, but it’s worth a watch if you sell anything in multiple currencies**

Historically I’ve always used Infusionsoft to process credit card payments. Which brings with it three fundamental headaches. The biggest is the need to sell in both pounds and dollars.

I’ve just invested in a tool to remove this problem.

Watch the video:

Get the Lifetime Deal (ends 31st Aug 2018)

Something I didn’t mention in the video – if you sell a monthly or annual subscription the subscription itself sits with Stripe, not Infusionsoft. So if you do decide to switch CRM systems at any point you won’t have to extract credit card and subscription details. (Not fun).

I’ve been poking around in the back end of this for a few weeks, so email me if you have questions.

February 9, 2016

Master Infusionsoft Decision Diamonds

Decision diamonds are possibly the most confusing aspect of the Infusionsoft campaign builder. This short two-part video series looks at how to use decision diamonds without losing your sanity.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Get Help With Decision Diamonds

If you need further help with Infusionsoft Decision Diamonds please contact us.

January 7, 2016

Storing AdWords Keyword Information in Infusionsoft

Storing keyword information from Google AdWords in Infusionsoft allows you to determine which of your ad spend is profitable.

You cannot currently do this out of the box with native Infusionsoft functionality. This video shares the steps we take.

The ‘purl’ I mention towards the end of the video is:


If you need further help with this please contact us.

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