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Maze Remarketing

Finally - a Retargeting Strategy You Can Actually Implement (without getting hopelessly overwhelmed)

We've all experienced retargeting done badly. You visit somebody's website, then notice ads for that website follow you around for a while.

Maze Remarketing is your manifesto to building effective retargeting systems - without creeping out your customers. In fact, your customers will want to hear more from you more often! You'll learn how to remarket on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You'll learn where to begin with limited time and resources. 

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Eran testimonial

"I'm a 14 year ppc specialist but weirdly enough, I kind of missed becoming equally as skilled using remarketing, so this book was a great introduction to not just the basics but some clever little ideas and concepts I can implement for my clients.

In addition, a little hint is to watch what Jonathan and Rob actually do to market themselves using the book as a great lead generation tool. You could do far worse than to buy the book just to see their "funnel/maze" in action!

I plan to duplicate their funnel for my own business lead generation.

Great book and well worth the tiny cost to purchase."

Luke Amazon feedback

"For any business owner who wants to understand how remarketing can be used today to make money. For each dollar in, you can systematically suck out a few, if you understand the principles here. Applies to B2B sales too, not just consumers and e-commerce. Highly recommended!"

Order now to discover:

  • What remarketing is and how it works, in plain-English
  • The difference between remarketing and retargeting
  • How to advertise on ALL the main ad platforms, without blowing your ads budget
  • How to leverage your expertise and prioritize your efforts
  • How to look like a national ‘brand advertiser’, with a small budget
  • How to get started with little existing website traffic
  • How long to remarket for
  • Which ad platforms to start with (and why)
  • When to sell, and when to nurture
  • When to incorporate LinkedIn and Twitter
  • What to offer in your ads
  • How to beat writer’s block, and write ads that stand out
  • How to track conversions across platforms
  • How to get started with remarketing today, without feeling overwhelmed
Sharon review

"I love a good 80/20 approach to anything!

Maze Remarketing lays it all out for us so that we don’t have to be the mouse on the marketing wheel from hell, round and round and round we’d go in neverending circles. They’re like the marketing & remarketing gurus who understand what it's like to be a mouse on a brightly coloured, probably hot orange, mouse wheel of death.

As a marketer and copywriter, I know that marketing CAN BE HARD. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all have an uncanny ability to RUIN MY LIFE. when all I’m doing is trying to put the customer at the heart of my business and deliver an exceptional experience.

That’s the #1 thing to do is put the customer at the centre of everything we should do in business. Right? Them first, you second.

But that’s tricky when you’re wrangling with understanding how to get your message out the damn door and into the INTERNET in a way that feels efficient and seamless. The first thing to know is the word traffic.

Traffic is the oxygen you need to keep your business alive. Right? Without traffic, there’s no oxygen. We all know that oxygen is pretty much essential to everything, ever.

Turns out, it can be simple if you read books by experts. The only caveat is you need to follow their advice.

The book and the guys who wrote it, take what could be a life-ruining, complicated and tyrannical beast (marketing in case you forgot) and turn it into an action plan.

We wanted freedom from the rigidity and monotony of our remarketing mouse wheels! They delivered!

Marketing and re-marketing can be a self-fulfilling trap of insanity. But it needn’t be.

BUY THE BOOK. You’ll be so pleased with yourself and all that time and money you have you’ll be sunning yourself in the Bahamas before you know it.

And that is the point of this book. Freedom. Time. And maybe cocktails."

John V Amazon feedback

"What I learned about Maze 2.0 remarketing:
I learned that I could actually make use of remarketing techniques, and that it isn't as convoluted and crazy as I had thought. This book appears to be written for a small business owner like myself. The ideas are presented clearly and in each section, I can say "Yes, I think I could do that."
My business is still nearly all referral based, but I see that remarketing might actually work for me.
There are some things that need to be in place first before remarking will work, so knowing those would help in determining if this book is useful immediately, or in the near future.

What I liked best about the book:
Seems to be written for me, the small business owner, with technical abilities, but no experience in remarketing. The book is written in an easy-to-understand language."

Jay Amazon feedback

"I think the most important thing about this book is the fundamental idea of first serving your customer. Then naturally the increase in profits follow. In practice, the key is to make your ads show what your customers should do next, NOT show them what they just looked at (kinda creepy).

The book is well written and simple to understand. And the process doesn't seem to be too complicated - though I'm a little concerned about getting under the hood of all the necessary platforms.

I'm impressed with this from the book: "Until you get an ad live, everything is hypothetical and you simply don't know what will work. So don't over-complicate it begin with." So many times I've read about and tried to follow a system that's supposed to work for anyone and in reality I couldn't make it work. I'm comfortable with the concepts in this book - it just makes sense.

Maze remarketing is a way to expand your sphere of influence at relatively little cost."