Pie, Peas and Google Ads

14 - 16 August 2019, Sheffield. Maximum 10 attendees

"I've learnt enough that I could take that back control and set up a really good campaign for all my keywords and services, and manage that myself without having to pay a Google Ads manager."

Allan Simmonds, Clean & Dry

"Most of the course has been stuff I knew I needed to know more about, or didn't even really know was there. I've now got a very long list of things I need to do when I get home! But I'm very confident I know how."

Oliver Campbell, Rothwell's Cleaning Services Ltd 


My name is Rob Drummond, I’m what you might call a disgruntled Google Ads consultant. I created my first Google Ads campaign in 2007, and I’ve been professionally managing campaigns for other people since 2012. I’ve trained with some of the sharpest Google Ads practitioners, such as David Rothwell and Perry Marshall. 

I've seen too many Google Ads disasters in my time. Most of my early clients came to me because they had lost a fortune trying to set things up themselves. Often, they would have rung Google for help, with disastrous consequences. Sometimes, they might have spent a few hundred pounds on a consultant, with equally dire results.

If you want to get help with your Google Ads, there are currently three main options:

1. Phone Google

Asking Google for help is usually pay per click suicide. You should only ever phone Google with a very specific technical problem. The people you speak to are technical experts. They cannot possibly understand your business.

2. Hire a consultant

Consultant fees vary dramatically, ranging from a few hundred pounds a month, to a few thousand. The model for many consultants is to charge 20 or more clients a nominal £200ish per month (which isn’t nominal – it stacks up), for basically doing very little.

If you think I’m being grumpy – I’m not. There’s a tool in Google Ads called ‘change history’, where you can see what changes your consultant has been making for you. In most cases, the answer is ‘not many’.

You don’t want your consultant to be making unnecessary changes, but you don’t want them asleep at the wheel. If the consultant is also serving 40 other clients, how much attention do you think they are paying to your account?

3. Hire an agency

Monthly agency fees typically run into the thousands. Additionally, many agencies will charge you a percentage of ad spend; a legacy from print advertising. The amount of work required to manage your account does increase as your spend goes up, but not as a clean percentage rise. This is a double-whammy, because not only are you paying Google more, you’re also paying your agency more to do mostly the same amount of work.

Additionally, if you incentivise your agency to spend more on your behalf, what do you think they’ll do? They’ll spend your money like Monopoly money. I’ve even seen agencies over-report the number of conversions to justify higher levels of spend.

Spending money on Google Ads is like spreading fertiliser around your field. You need just enough to do what you need, but no more. Otherwise you’re just feeding the surrounding wildlife.

Most agencies describe themselves as ‘full service’, meaning they do everything. Google Ads, SEO, web design, Facebook… in theory a one stop shop. The problem with this is the Google Ads experts tend to be junior members of staff, who have never spent their own money on Google. The people selling you the project are not the people managing it.

I’ve tried to ‘retire’ from managing Google Ads for people, a number of times. I thought that over time, the market for Google Ads support would mature, and that these problems would go away.

To my eyes, things are only getting worse...

It’s getting easier than ever to spend a fortune on Google with nothing to show for it. (We’ll talk at the event about all the ways Google are aggressively pursuing your money). Additionally, finding credible help is still a minefield.

There is a fourth option for getting help…

4. Jump in the Driver’s Seat yourself

No consultant or agency can ever know your business as well as you do. Nobody else is as invested in the results. In 2019, it’s best to roll up your sleeves and jump in yourself. WITH guidance, of course.

Most people abdicate responsibility for their Google Ads. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want GOOD results from Google, you have to be an educated user. Nothing will improve your results like taking responsibility for them.

I can already hear the objections, and I get it. You’re busy. You don’t have time. Google Ads is complicated (really, it is). You’re not a marketer. You’ve tried in the past. You don’t know how to create a landing page, or if you did it would take you all day. You feel held hostage by a web designer (I have a LOT to say about web designers, but I’ll save that rant for the event).

But this time things will be different… because you’ll take three days out of your business to work on it, and you’ll have me in your corner, guiding you through every step.

This will be a training course unlike any other. Over three days, you’ll learn to think about Google Ads profitably. I won’t drown you in detail, or force-feed you the entire Google Help Centre. Based on what you tell me about your business, I’ll show you the parts of the Google system that are critically important to your success.

I’ll show you how to accurately monitor your results. Perhaps for the first time, you’ll feel in control of your ads. You’ll feel comfortable setting up a remarketing campaign, or even instructing someone to do it for you (because you’ll know exactly what you want).

Learning will be a group experience. You won’t just learn from me, you’ll also learn from the other workshop participants. You’ll build a small network of accountability partners, to hold you accountable after the event has finished.

You’ll return to work having made meaningful long-term changes to your ads strategy, and with a clear plan of what to do going forwards. If you subsequently want to hire help, you’ll be a savvy, street-smart buyer. You’ll know what questions to ask, and what instructions to provide.


"The other thing that has been quite good is that we all get time to actually get to know each other and bounce ideas off each other. Even if somebody's from Spain and they're selling villas, and we're carpet cleaning, you find you've got some common link because we're just trying to make Google work for us. So the input's been good because we can create ads that we hadn't thought about."

Tony Stewart, Adchem


Pre-course agenda:

There is no getting around the fact that Google Ads is complicated. At the course I won’t be going over the very basics, because we’ll quickly run out of time.

To make sure we’re all on the same page at the start of the event, I’ve made a series of free pre-event videos, giving you my take on the basics. This isn’t the same information you’ll find in the Google Help Centre – I’ll only show you the things you need to participate in the course.

You can take the pre-event training right now, at no cost. (This is also my way of letting you try before you buy).

Please note that the course guarantee (see below) is only valid if you have put in the groundwork and watched the pre-course videos.

Course Agenda:

At the workshop you will

  • Take responsibility for your own ad results
  • Never feel stupid or left behind
  • Feel comfortable working on your own campaigns
  • Protect yourself from Google’s default settings
  • Setup remarketing systems that serve you, rather than confuse you
  • Write ads that stand out, and use relevant ad extensions
  • Learn the basics of ongoing management – manage your account in 60-90 minutes per week
  • Learn to test your ads safely, without damaging your current results
  • Understand how conversion tracking works, and how to set it up correctly
  • Know how to quickly create and test your landing pages (without being held hostage by a web designer)
  • Know how to test your domain name in your ads
  • Know which bidding options to use under different circumstances

Sneak preview: (press play)


By the end of the event you will have, as a minimum:

  • Implemented proper conversion tracking, or have a concrete plan in place to do so
  • Created one effective search campaign (targeting relevant keywords)
  • Created one effective remarketing campaign
  • Covered the cost of the event through ad cost savings or increased profitability

I’m willing to stand behind my course and training materials. If you put in the work don’t achieve ALL of those outcomes, I will work with you personally for as long as it takes to achieve them. 

If you can take the time out of your business to join me in Sheffield, I will make sure your investment in the training is profitable.

The event will be deeply grounded in fundamental principles. 80% of what you learn will still be relevant in 10 years time, and set you up for long term success with Google Ads.

*Important: please note that for this guarantee to stand, you MUST watch the pre-course videos before joining us at the workshop. I cannot stress how important this is. I can only uphold my side of the bargain if you’re ready to put in the groundwork.*


"The biggest thing that would have stopped me coming was the amount of time you have to take out of your business and your personal life. My wife has been at home with the kids for the last three days, and I’ve had a few client issues I’ve had to deal with while I’ve been on the workshop. But I’d without doubt say that these three days have more than paid the investment in time… let alone the money. Money is money, but it was the time that was an issue for me.

Rob knows where all the great beer is and all the great food is – in Sheffield at least – and it’s definitely been an experience! I’ve been on three-day courses before and this has been totally different – for the better."

Pete Daly-Dickson, Blue Peg Group


Who Is The Event For?

  • You need to have an existing business, and there needs to be a search market for what you do. In other words, people need to be actively searching Google for the service you provide. It is helpful if you’re already running Google Ads, but not essential.

  • You need to be able to make changes to your own website. Or you need to be willing to setup a secondary website or Leadpages account to test your new ads (I cover how to do this in the pre-course videos).

  • You need to be ready to learn. There can be no half-measures here. There is work involved. I will challenge you. The work will also continue after the event (but in a manageable way you can commit to).

How Much Is The Event?

The event is priced at £695 as a one time payment. Once you factor in travel, accommodation and time out of the office, the true 'all in' cost of the event is likely closer to £2K.

Based on your current or likely ad spend, how soon will you recoup that investment? (I've had students recoup it within a month).


"If you're thinking about coming and it's the three days that's putting you off, don't let the three days put you off. Just come and do it, book it off, you'll get a massive payback. Just two or three of the little tips that Rob shared are gonna save me  shedloads over the next few months, and that's just ongoing."

Allan Simmonds, Clean & Dry


Please note you can enroll in the pre-course training before selecting one of the payment options.

When you select a payment option you'll be taken to a secure order form. If you have any problems completing your order please call or text 07432 082738.

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Payment Plan

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How Is The Event Structured?

The three-day format for the event is deliberate. The event content will be front-loaded on days 1 and 2. Half of Day 3 is set aside for implementation. 

You'll get feedback from me and the group on your campaigns, strategy, ads and landing pages. I'll be on hand to keep you un-stuck. I can also help with the more technical aspects of conversion tracking. You'll get more done throughout the course than you ever thought possible.

The event will run from approximately 9AM until 4.30PM each day. Each evening you'll have the option to join us for dinner. I'll show you my favourite places to eat and drink in Sheffield. (Pie and peas is optional, but recommended). 

Sheffield is sometimes called the 'City of Brewing' - we have great pubs and great beer. Which - completely optionally - I'd be happy to show you :-). The lime and soda is also fine, I'm told...

If you'd prefer not to join us, or need to return home each evening, that's also fine. But previous attendees have highly valued the evening social part of the workshop.

If you're travelling from further afield, I'd recommend that you stay for the weekend. I can recommend a number of places to visit while you are in the area. (Hope Valley, Castleton, Derbyshire Dales etc).


Please note you can enroll in the pre-course training before selecting one of the payment options.

When you select a payment option you'll be taken to a secure order form. If you have any problems completing your order please call or text 07432 082738.

Free Pre-Course

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  • Pre-course access
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  • Cancel up to 14 days before
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Payment Plan

  • Pre-course access
  • Course Outcome Guarantee
  • Cancel up to 14 days before
3* £265/mo
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Event FAQ

Q: Will the event be recorded?
A: No, this is a workshop format, where a lot of the time you'll be working on different skills or techniques. You'll leave with a functional Google Ads account, not a DVD.

Q: Is the event catered?
A: To keep the price of the event down, food will not be provided. Tea, coffee and water are provided by the venue, and there are a host of great eating and drinking options all around.

Q: Where is the event?
A: The Circle on Rockingham Lane, Sheffield. Close to all city centre hotels, buses and trams. Nearest airports are Manchester, East Midlands and Doncaster. Or 2.5 hours on the train from London. Previous attendees have shared the cost of accommodation with AirBnB.

Q: Which pubs are we going to?
A: That's for me to know, and for you to find out! Pies are optional, but recommended. All evening social activities are optional.

Got other questions? Email info@mazemastery.com. Or call / text 07432 082738 (leave a voicemail).


What Clients Have Said...

"I first started working with Rob in 2012. Since then he has helped guide my business through the various ongoing challenges of dealing with Google Adwords. Knowing where to start wasn’t easy but with Robs help, I now have account structured correctly, with tailored landing pages and call tracking all in place. He has been a great help, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services."

Tim Murden, TM Solicitors

"Rob is amazing at explaining Adwords and making sense of it all, not to mention patient! What I love is there are no secrets or magical scientific stuff that he does and charges a fortune for.

It's all totally transparent and I believe he genuinely wants me to understand how to run Adwords myself, he is also great at bouncing ideas around with too."

Jo Hayday, Matters Property Services

"The thing we've been impressed with the most is the processes Rob has set up, that we can then copy and adapt. We now have processes in place and the people working on our account don't necessarily have to be 'AdWords experts'.

What we've come away with is the skills to work on our own AdWords."

Nick Harley, Raygun