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January 31, 2017

Why connection is everything

The start of February is one of my favourite times of year in the Northern Hemisphere. For the first time you really notice the light beginning to change.

I’m standing here now on Tuesday morning*, writing in semi-darkness. It feels more natural than the harsh light of an electric bulb.

It’s a subtle effect, but technologies like the electric light contribute to the disconnect of the modern world. When you flick on a light, you cannot see or feel the energy that went into powering the lamp.

This is why people enjoy going out to sea. You cannot feel more connected to a raw energy source than out on the open waves. When you force yourself to walk to work in the rain, you feel good at the end of it. Sometimes it’s better to get wet once in a while, than to stay cocooned in everyday comfort.

We’re constantly grappling for connection in life, but also in marketing. Marketing is a solution to the problem of distance. You don’t have time to walk round every potential customer who might buy your product. Roads, railways, telephone lines and the internet have thrown back the boundaries of the world, so instead you need an intermediary.

That intermediary is marketing.

Good marketing has the same effect as you standing with someone in person. It tries to listen. It tries to create connection. Connection most obviously manifests itself in click through rate, but you also need to pay attention to what happens after that.

These emails are really an attempt at connection. In a way, they’re always a stab in the dark. I can’t see your face when you’re reading, or accurately gauge your reaction. I have to infer, based on the replies I get.

The emails that get the most replies aren’t always the ones I expect. I don’t always get it right. But I give myself enough chances by writing every day. It’s like dropping pebbles in a pool, and watching for the ripples.

Are you dropping enough pebbles? And are your pebbles creating enough ripples?

If not, I might be able to help.

*Remember, the secret to writing frequently without stress and anguish, is to stay ahead of time.

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