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November 3, 2017

Most ‘conversion windows’ are too short

We’re always trying to find a good series to watch on Netflix. The conversation goes something like this:

Linzi: “How about American Horror Story?”

Outer Rob: “No, I don’t like it.”

(Inner Rob: “I’m scared.”)

— Frustrated pause… —

Linzi: “Okay, how about Stranger Things 2?”

Outer Rob: “No, I don’t like sci-fi.”

(Inner Rob: “But what if it makes me jump?”)

And so on.

Recently we’ve settled on Mad Men. There really isn’t anything for Inner Rob to complain about. It’s not scary. It’s about copywriters. (As far as I can tell, it’s not a bad portrayal of a 1960’s Madison Avenue advertising agency). It’s also about smoking, drinking and infidelity.

It’s what you might call a slow burner. The character development is subtle but intricate. We’re only on Season 2, but the mysteries surrounding the key characters are deepening.

If you’re selling high value, high trust products or services, your marketing needs an equivalent of Mad Men. A slow burner that runs in the background, slowly revealing more about yourself.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from doing AdWords work is that most companies under-estimate:

  • How long it can take to make a sale
  • How long people will pay attention if you continue to send interesting content

Yes, some people will buy early. We’re not trying to lengthen the sales cycle – you should definitely accommodate fast buyers. But after that, most companies give up too soon.

Even Google under-estimate how long a sale can take – the longest conversion window you can track in AdWords is 90 days. Beyond that, you need to store data in your CRM system and do your own tracking. Which is conversion tracking 301, not 101.

Do you have a slow burner of communications running in your marketing? If not, read more here.

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