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June 14, 2018

How to stop your writing going out of date

When you’re selecting things to write about there is a very obvious trade-off…

The topics that get the most traction – especially with cold traffic – are usually transient and matter little in the grand scheme of things. “How to code in CSS3,” or “how to become GDPR compliant,” might be examples.

In selecting things to write about, you’re really looking for things that have timeliness and timelessness.

Most of what has been written on GDPR won’t be around in 12 months from now. We have a bias towards only the latest news, made worse by the near real time feeds of Twitter and Facebook.

But there are things you can do.

Writing an article on “how to become GDPR compliant” has practically no timelessness. Writing an article on “how GDPR can permanently transform your marketing results” has a little more.

Writing an article on “why learning CSS is a waste of time for 99.9% of marketing professionals” has more timelessness than “how to code in CSS3.”

Does that help?

May 25, 2018

The wimps approach to GDPR

I seem to have had two types of email in the last day or so…

1. People I’ve never heard of telling me they’ve updated their privacy policy. (Thanks, but I don’t care. Where’s the unsubscribe link??)

2. People I do know telling me I need to double opt-in to continue hearing from them. You know, even though I get two emails from them per year.

The first approach is the wimps approach to GDPR. Heaven forbid you have to remove anyone from your precious database.

The second approach is the most laudable, as long as you understand you’ll burn down your list by doing it.

I’ve gone down a slightly different path. I had about 250 contacts in my database who weren’t double opted in and hadn’t opened any of my emails in 4 months. I emailed them telling them I would delete them if they didn’t confirm their email. 18 confirmed, and I deleted the rest. Most of these were email-only records, with no phone number.

I’m not a lawyer, so this in no way should be taken as legal advice. But I’m not too concerned about the engaged part of my list that is ‘single’ opted in (they originally filled in an opt-in form).

If you’re going to email large parts of your database asking them to double opt-in, why not take the next step and commit to email them regularly?

If you’re busy and don’t have time, you should book a call to discuss how we can work together.

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