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August 31, 2018

The Three-Step Pyramid to Marketing Clarity

I’ve been fasting for the last few days. Since Wednesday I’ve consumed nothing but herbal tea.

I do this a few times a year, and it has some interesting side effects!

The first is that well-meaning but overly concerned people try to force-feed you bananas. So normally it’s best not to tell anyone.

The second is you go a bit… crazy. It’s easy to slip down a two-hour YouTube rabbit hole, or wander into rooms and forget what you came for. Or in my case, blast off a bunch of wacko emails to people. Mwhaha.

The third is that amidst the craziness, you also get a bizarre sense of alertness and clarity.

I thought you might find yesterday’s moment of clarity relevant, especially if you struggle to explain what you do to new prospects…

In my business I usually introduce myself as a ‘writer’, which actually isn’t the main thing I do. I actually do three things:

The first and main thing I do is help people determine their core selling message, and the stories that surround that. That process comes before anything else.

The second thing I do is production, which in my case means writing. You could also take your message and convert it into video, audio and live presentations; but that isn’t what I provide here in production terms. I produce written-based output, whether that’s emails, letters, Facebook ads, blog posts or whatever else.

If you don’t like to write, are too busy or feel it’s a distraction, this is as far as you need to go. Message and output is all you need. I provide both of those things in my kickstart production package.

The third thing I do in my business is mastery. If you want to master the mechanics of writing, that’s what my Nurture Email Mastery course and Writer’s Circle is about. But it’s only for people who like to write as a mode of production.

Notice that these things sit on top of each other. I’ll be making some changes next month where you can’t buy the mastery course without also working with me on your message. Essentially one underpins the other. Knowing the mechanics of a great email without knowing your message is completely pointless.

The final thing I provide is ongoing support, through my membership group Story Selling Insider.

As a Story Selling Insider member you can request feedback from me as and when you need it. Plus you get my print newsletter each month, and a member’s call-in webinar.

You can read more about that here.

The nice thing about this pyramid framework is that everything I do has to fit within it. It’s really a framework for saying ‘no’ to stuff I could do but probably shouldn’t.

Do you have a framework for saying ‘no’ to things? If not this is probably the work you need to do.

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