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February 6, 2017

De-clutter your life and your marketing (Part 2)

I wrote a few weeks ago about my sudden desire to de-clutter everything in my life, including my business. My life’s been full of clutter for so long I stopped recognising it.

‘Organised chaos’, I called it.

The problem with ‘organised chaos’ is you’re always trying to spin multiple plates in your mind. I’ll routinely jolt myself awake at half four in the morning, with a mental thunderbolt of things I need to do the following day.

The question is, what if I had less stuff that adds little value to my life, and what if I had to do less stuff that adds little value to other people?

It’s been a slow and steady process. I’ve sold my old recurve bow on ebay. Got rid of the books I’ll never re-read or reference. Passed on a smoothie-maker we haven’t used since we moved back to Sheffield, three and a half years ago. Got rid of ten wine glasses. (Why do we even have that many?) Passed on some cute little storage boxes that have never stored anything, and never will.


On the business side there have also been changes. I’ve stopped neglecting my accounts in Xero, which are almost up to date. I’m about to re-brand the business into something that will be clearer and less confusing. My office is like, 20% tidy. So I’ve got a long way to go with that.

I’ve uninstalled all social media apps from my phone, and disabled Gmail. Which has been great, actually. My phone sits on the other side of the room. Unless it rings I probably check it about five times a day. It’s disquieting at first, but you quickly get used to it. It’s like reclaiming space in your mind.

I’ve also affirmed a strategy of working on fewer projects where I can provide the highest amount of value. I used to cling on to client projects. Now I just let them go, and think of the additional time I’ll have to give to other things.

The important distinction here is I’m not trying to move stuff around, or organise stuff. The only two options for organising an item are the charity pile, or the bin.

How does this relate to you? You don’t actually have to do a lot of the things you’re doing, especially when it comes to marketing your business. You need to decide which activities provide the most value, and do them really well.

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