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September 5, 2017

Quieten your mind to write better stories

I’ve written before in this letter about my love of barefoot running. Which on the face of it is a strange hobby. I only got into it in a desperate attempt to stave away shin splints.

I’m slightly wary of using terms like ‘spiritual’, but I think running does have a spiritual aspect. It’s possible to leave the house with your head full of problems, and run yourself back to yourself. Running can be a way to slow down and make sense of your life.

You simply don’t experience this aspect of running when you’re out pounding the pavement, or obsessing about times. Which is why I like barefoot running so much. There’s a degree of connection with the floor that is otherwise absent. The process itself becomes enjoyable, not just the outcome.

If you want to write better marketing emails, you need a way to quieten your mind.

My way happens to be running. And to a degree, archery. Other people do yoga, or meditation. Whatever you choose, it has to be something that leaves you alone for a period of time with your own thoughts.

I listened to an excellent edition of the On Being podcast last week, talking about the spiritual aspect of running. Well worth listening to if you ever go out for a jog.

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