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September 22, 2017

When carefully-crafted emails fall on deaf ears

I never answer the phone to people I don’t know, unless they book a time to talk in advance. Yesterday I received a fascinating voicemail from a lady working for John Paul Mendocha, who delivers some of Perry Marshall’s training courses. It’s worth a listen.

Listen Here

Notice she starts quite clearly by stating why she’s calling, and what information I’ve already received about the conference she ‘s selling. I did receive the emails she mentions. Quite a few of them, actually.

I also do ‘know’ John Paul Mendocha. Not like properly know him, but I know who he is.

Notice she clearly profiles who the event is for. I actually don’t fit the profile, but if I did that would get my attention.

She says why she’s calling (twice), and gives a specific way to respond. Presumably they can attribute responses to sales activity by doing this.

All together I thought this was a sensible approach. If you’re selling a high ticket product, you can only spend so long emailing people before you really ought to get them on the phone. If I had answered the phone I would have given her some important feedback on why I hadn’t responded to the emails.

Phoning somebody who recognises your name from your emails is completely different to cold calling, and potentially an essential source of feedback. I for one am guilty of neglecting this method.

Why not leverage the relationship you build up with your audience, and place strategic calls once in a while?

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