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October 12, 2017

Six marketing trends you won’t hear anywhere els

I read the following article yesterday by Alan Weiss, predicting global trends. I’m not sure I like or agree with all of his predictions, but the article caught my attention.

Commenting on trends is a fast and easy way to create engaging content. You’re privy to more information than you realise. Nobody else has your exact experience or perspective on things.

Here are six predictions of my own:

1. Communicating with people by email will become slowly less effective, especially in non-corporate markets.

You really shouldn’t rely too much on email. On my part, I’m thinking of re-starting a slimmed down version of my print newsletter (which may or may not be paid). I’m thinking of starting or becoming involved in a podcast. Social media communications matter (I’ve been slow off the mark on this).

An email address is a fragile thing. Don’t under-estimate the importance of gathering offline contact information, and using it to deliver valuable content.

2. Complex marketing tools will become simpler / more accessible / more intuitive.

You eventually won’t need to take an exam to learn how to use systems like Infusionsoft properly. You will need to take responsibility for your own learning, and spend time learning the tools. Nothing will be push-button simple.

3. If you work in marketing, there will be greater rewards in creating standardised modules, plugins or components than there is in creating bespoke solutions.

We’ve already seen this in web design, AdWords, Infusionsoft, and various other platforms. Creating a bespoke solution for a single client will become a premium service you’ll need to charge highly for. If you do 1-1 client work and don’t change premium prices, you’re playing a risky game.

4. The trend to ‘be authentic’ in your marketing will continue.

I’m staking a flag in the ground here, because my business relies on it. But as more people get into business and try to carve a niche for themselves, ‘being yourself’ in your marketing will become the de facto norm. Hiding behind corporate armour will no longer be a safe tactic. Being honest about your flaws and weaknesses will become more common.

5. The marketing cottage industry will continue to grow, but selecting the right tactics to pursue will not get easier.

Tools like Upwork and Fiverr let you access thousands of skilled marketing specialists in just a few minutes, but these specialists will not help with your overall marketing strategy.

The need for comprehensive marketing strategy that isn’t tool specific will continue to be under-appreciated. It’s more appealing to run after a fashionable shiny tactic than it is to think deeply about the real communications problem you face. Lamentably, this won’t end anytime soon. There is no substitute for hard thinking.

6. The importance of remarketing will continue to grow.

You can now remarket on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can remarket to people based on where they are in your customer journey, not just based on web visits. You can remarket to people who watched particular videos on your YouTube channel. You can create Facebook lookalike audiences from a list of your best customers.

Privacy is dead – you may as well embrace it.

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