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July 23, 2018

Is Leadpages better than Clickfunnels?

Each month in my membership group Story Selling Insider we look at a particular marketing topic. This month the topic is landing pages.

Let me share a few of my grumpy opinions with you…

Most of the conversations about landing pages centre on tools. Which tool is “best”? Which should you use? Is Leadpages better than Clickfunnels?

If you do a search on Google for “Leadpages v”, Google will offer you a wide selection of these ‘which tool is best’ conversations.

When you wade into these conversations they mostly miss the point. Many people are searching for a push and play landing page solution that requires zero thought.

It’s like searching for the landing page equivalent of El Dorado – the South American jungle city allegedly made of gold. It probably doesn’t exist, and you miss the nuance of the journey by focusing on it.

Whatever tools you use, it’s always a lot of work to create any landing page. You need the right headline. You need the right content. Quite often you need an appropriate video. You need the right social proof.

It also seems to me that many landing page tools over-emphasise the call to action button as the focal point of the page. The first thing the page visitor notices should be the page headline, not a form or button.

The other thing I see happening is that whatever tools you use, people take way too long to create their landing pages. I’ve seen people agonise over a landing page for weeks, if not months. Which is baffling. Every landing page you create is an unproven experiment, so why waste time perfecting it?

Get it live and test it!

If I have a lead generation idea I want to test, I’ll normally have a landing page ready within two hours. The biggest hold-ups are creating video or preparing the copy. Spending more than a few minutes sprucing up a design is a complete waste of time.

In this month’s Story Selling Insider video I demo my preferred landing page builder, and show you how it’s possible to create a landing page in 20 minutes or less.

(Assuming you know what you want to say, and don’t need to prepare any video. Cetaris paribus, as the economists would say.)

I’m making this video publicly available until Friday, after which it gets locked to subscribers.

Please note the price of Story Selling Insider will increase on 1st September from £36 per month to £75 per month (or $97 USD). If you join now you lock in at the lower rate for as long as you remain in the group.

Why the price increase?

As a Story Selling Insider subscriber you can now request video critiques from me – something I’d normally charge £197 for. If you want a professional opinion on an email, ad or campaign you’re running, that’s what you get in the group.

Request one critique per month and you’ve got your money’s worth. Even after the price increase.

June 28, 2017

Don’t work on your website backwards…

I’ve been working on two small websites over the last week or so. Knowing some degree of web design is useful, because I refuse to ever be held hostage by a web designer.

I have a very specific approach to web design:

  • I only use WordPress. I’ve tried Joomla, Drupal and some of the other content management systems, and I hate them all
  • I only use standard themes, with minor styling / CSS changes. I don’t mess about with PHP code. I don’t ‘wireframe’ the website, or anything like that
  • I spend most of my time working on the content

By working this way I can get a new website up within a week, and often as little as a day if it’s just a few pages. The sooner a site is live, the sooner I can start buying traffic and testing offers.

I believe this is the future of web design. There now has to be an exceptional business case to employ a web designer in custom design work. Content is the biggest conversion factor, so why waste time on structural issues?

If you’re not happy with your website, don’t approach the problem backwards. Spend most of your time working on content, and worry about the design later on.

February 23, 2017

Web design is (still) dead

I was talking with someone about WordPress the other day. I’m what you might call ‘semi technical’. I know HTML and CSS. I know the basics of PHP. And based on that knowledge, I have a very specific approach to WordPress, and web design in general.

I stay away from it at all costs.

I don’t hack about with my theme. I don’t edit functions.php. I only use standard theme components and standard plugins.

If you’ve thought about redesigning your website recently, you should see my approach to things first.

The method I follow isn’t the single best way. But it is the fastest way to get decent looking pages setup.

If you’d like to invest in Thrive Themes, it’s relatively inexpensive. Details here.

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